Born in Oklahoma, I have lived in most regions of America over the years, but California is home, and was home from my first visit in 1976, even though I was not here permanently until 1983.   Now, dividing my time between Rockridge, Inverness and Ubud, Bali, my places all offer up beauty beyond anything I could imagine as a child in dry, flat, brown land.

Having attended Colorado College and Stephen F. Austin State University and earned degrees are in Journalism and English, my first career was as a college teacher and my second, a corporate marketer (for many years on both coasts).  But in 1994, the corporate world became too much – too driven, too male, too impersonal, too competitive.  Once I quit and sat still for a while, there it was.  Beautiful jewelry.  One-of-a-kind pieces.  Art in wearable form.  I wanted it, and I wanted to make it.

With basic classes at City College/San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Richmond Art Center, Mendocino Art Studio, seminars here and there, I started setting up a studio.  No art degree.  No formal training.  Just some basics, a studio, and me.

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